Book of the Month: NMAP COOKBOOK

“NMAP COOKBOOK – The fat-free guide to network scanning” is the latest book on the world’s best network scanning tool, NMAP.  It is the most popular tool with pathora of options which works on wide range of platforms including Windows & Linux.

NMAP is the most popular tool out there with so many options to fine tune the network scanning based on one’s needs.  Often new comer and even experienced professionals find it difficult to use full features of NMAP when it comes to field work.  In this direction, ‘NMAP Cookbook’ does a great job in conveying rich features of this great tool with its simplified and concise illustration.



In a nutshell, following topics have been covered,

  • Installation on Windows, Mac OS X, Unix/Linux platforms
  • Basic and advanced scanning techniques
  • Network inventory and security auditing
  • Firewall evasion techniques
  • Zenmap – A graphical front-end for Nmap
  • NSE – The Nmap Scripting Engine
  • Ndiff – A Nmap scan comparison utility

In addition to explaining basic scanning techniques, it goes on describing other related stuffs such as firewall evasion methods,  scripting engine of NMAP,  using graphical version of NMAP tool etc.  These things together make it great reference book for any security professional.

The book is written based on latest version of the tool, NMAP 5.0.  All the scanning options are shown along with visual illustrations which helps in quick grasping of practical examples.

Overall,  it stands out from other NMAP based books due to its simplistic and concise explanation which makes it very fast and easy to master the intrinsic technicalities of NMAP.

eBook Link: Link is removed on Author’s request.  Please read the comments below for more information.



  1. Dale's Gravatar Dale
    May 10, 2010    

    Just purchased the nmap cookbook based on your review.
    Thanks for the heads up.

  2. icebreaker101010's Gravatar icebreaker101010
    July 8, 2010    

    Hi there.Here is the link for downloading the book:

  3. July 8, 2010    

    Thanks IceBreaker for the link.
    Blog post is updated now.

  4. Ts's Gravatar Ts
    August 16, 2010    

    Hi! Can somebody upload nmap cookbook, the link is dead!

  5. August 16, 2010    

    New ebook link has been updated now.

    Thanks for reporting the dead link

  6. Ts's Gravatar Ts
    August 16, 2010    

    Wow, great book, really easy! Thanks!

  7. lennard's Gravatar lennard
    September 5, 2010    

    hi, the above links are dead, i wish to have walk through this book. Thank you for sharing.

  8. September 6, 2010    

    Thanks Lennard for reporting the dead links, New links are updated now. I am still looking for active link for ‘Wireshark’ book. I will update it as I find better one.

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